“Hiding from your weaknesses is a recipe for incapacity and error.”

Greg Glassman

Monday: May 3, 2010 "Bench Press / Push-up, Pull-up Ladder"

Bench Press / Push-up, Pull-up Ladder


Bench Press (Cycle 1)

  • Set #1 is 5 reps at 65% of your "working" one rep max.
  • Set #2 is 5 reps at 75% of your "working" one rep max.
  • Set #3 is 5 reps (or more) at 85% of your "working" one rep max.


  • Push-up Ladder
  • Pull-up Ladder

Ladder: With a continuously running clock do a Push-up every min on the min increasing by 1 each min. Example: 1st min do 1 Push-up then rest until the start of the next min - at the start of the 2nd min do 2 Push-ups and again rest until the start of the next min - at the start of the 3rd min do 3 Push-ups.  Keep this up until you can not complete the number of Push-ups needed for that round in a min.  So if you had 12 Push-ups to do on the 12th min and you only complete 10 Push-ups by the start of the 13th min, you failed at 12 rounds and completed 11 rounds.

Pre WOD: Myofascial Release, Tack and Floss (Bias), Dynamic Movement, WOD Movement Prep & Warm-up

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Progressive Strength-Friday: August 28, 2015

Friday: August 28, 2015

#1.  6 Rounds of:

  • 6 Reps of Bench Press (use the same weight as your 12 rep weight from Monday's 8-24-15 workout)
  • 6 Clapping Push-ups
  • 6 Push-ups
  • 6 Burpees

#2.  Pick 2 Shoulder Exercises 3 sets of 12 reps for each exercise

#3.  Pick 2 Triceps Exercises 16-14-12 reps for each exercise

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ABS-Friday: August 28, 2015

5 Rounds of:

  • 5 Runners Crunches (2 Count)
  • 5 Crossover Runners Crunches (2 Count)
  • 5 Bicycle Crunches (2 Count)



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June 11, 2015

Neal Ruparelia 1600

Congratulation to Neal Ruparelia on achieving 1600 for his football total.  This is an incredible feat especially for a Junior.

  • 455lbs Back Squat
  • 335lbs Bench Press
  • 505lbs Deadlift
  • 305lbs Clean

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